Retractable Grilles

CSM High Security
Unrivalled strength and durability
Good looking security

CSM’s unique retractable security gate design and use of aluminium alloys combine to provide security grilles of unrivalled strength and durability. Retractable security grilles protect window and door openings then retract to visually blend into the frames when not in use. The system also maintains security when doors and windows are open for ventilation.

Easy to use and requiring no maintenance, the versatile range offers three products with a choice of security levels. The Medium link is an excellent deterrent with good physical protection for internal installations. The more robust High product provides protection for higher risk areas the Premium range offers enhanced security against attack from hacksaw’s and drills.

The best feature of retractable grilles is their ability to become mostly hidden from view during hours when they are not required in a similar way to roller shutters. Unlike many other types of window grilles, retractable grilles blend very well with window frames and are lightweight enough to be quickly closed when needed, offering solid physical protection. Window grilles can be fitted to most types of windows regardless of size.

The increased flexibility of a retractable grille over other types such as fixed and folding grilles make them a popular choice for commercial properties across the nation, where security is a very high priority. Typical installments include offices, government buildings, NHS practices and schools.

If you own a property any where in the UK  whether you need window security from London to Newcastle, Birmingham, Derby, Bristol,Leicester, Nottingham, Wolverhampton or anywhere in the UK and think you could benefit from increasing your window security, please contact us today – we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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